The Jeweled Spur (House of Winslow Book #16)

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Age of the child I gave this to:. Hours of Play:. Tell Us Where You Are:. Preview Your Review. Thank you. Gilbert said, Go lie down, dear. Gilbert bit his lip and cast a glance over the iron-gray billows rolling ponderously over the docks below. Bad enough, Edward.

Sam said when she first fell ill, it was the result of too much bathing. He smiled at the thought of Sam Fuller, their only physician since the Mayflower touched the New World. She goes down every day! For the next three hours the two men went from house to house as Edward performed his duty to pass along the news from England.

He had been governor of Plymouth, in addition to his offices for the Crown and later for Cromwell, so there was a certain amount of awe in the attitude of some. Others like John Billington, who had long resented Edward or any other man of authority , and latecomers to the settlement, were less impressed. Governor Bradford, of course, was pleased to see him, and they spent the bulk of the day with him. Bradford was a compact man, and since the beginning had been the driving energy that kept Plymouth intact.

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After hearing some minor news he said, Come, Brother Winslow, get to it. What will happen now that Cromwell is dead?

His son, Richard, sits in his place. Edward shifted uneasily, then added, I fear him, Mr. He is not a strong man, and the English have not lost their taste for monarchs. My thinking exactly. His royal trunk has been packed for some time, Pastor Winslow, Bradford smiled grimly. And if Charles sits on the throne of England, we all know what his thought will be concerning such men as ourselves. He will remember that it was the Puritan forces under Cromwell that beheaded his father and drove him to exile, Edward nodded. He looked sharply at Bradford and added, It is well that we are here, with an ocean between us, is it not, Mr.

Yes—but our brothers in England are not so protected, Bradford answered. He shook his head, and there was a sadness in his voice as he said, I fear there will be a shaking soon in England. He added drily, Most of us hitch up a steer or a dry cow to do our traveling—my son has some disdain for such primitive customs. I see what you mean, Gilbert, Edward responded, noting the horse tied to the fence in front of the house.

The Jeweled Spur (House of Winslow Book #16)

Where did he get the money for such a fine stallion? Gilbert shrugged and said as they passed through the gate, Not from me. The price of that horse would pay my salary for six years. He had stood by grave after grave where the stillborn children of Gilbert and Humility were buried, and he knew the deep grief that had almost destroyed them both. When the last child had survived, they had poured themselves into the boy with such an intensity that Edward had always feared the result should the child have followed the others to an early grave.

He had not been unaware, being a shrewd observer of human nature, that Matthew had been blessed with a strong body and cursed with a rebellious spirit. It was an eerie resemblance, for young Matthew had the same sharp features, the cornflower blue eyes that all Winslow men seem to have, he moved the same, had the same smooth gait of the natural athlete—balanced, almost sensual, with not a fraction of wasted motion as he crossed the floor.

Uncle Edward! Even the same voice! Some do, Gilbert said quietly. Edward had not been a diplomat for nothing. He said with a laugh, I remember your father wore an outfit much like this when he was a student at Cambridge.

I believe Father took a rather dim view of it, eh, Gilbert? He threw a smile at Humility and said ruefully, Father threatened to have me put in the stocks if I ever wore such a garb in his presence! Father was a stern man, Edward said gently, and he saw the remark had its intended effect on his brother. Gilbert nodded, and there was a softening of the lines around his mouth as he looked at his son.

He was that. He said no more, but the angry air that had filled the room faded, and young Matthew shot a grateful look at his uncle. Still giving Mr. Littleton fits? He gave a fond glance at the young man across the table and smiled.


I mean to say that Matthew has surpassed his teacher. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Home Books Historical Fiction. Save For Later. Create a List. Summary The Captive Bride follows the Winslow family as they assist in the building of a great nation. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. If you ever breathe a word—! A good day to you, Miss Martha. Instead, she said, That would be very nice, Mr.

How bad is it?

The Jeweled Spur - Gilbert Morris - Google книги

Edward asked at once. What does Fuller say? Yes, He is. Snatching her hand back almost rudely, she said haughtily, I fear there is little in this place to hold my attention, Mr.

That ought to put him in his place, she thought with some satisfaction. He was not crushed, however. On the contrary, he smiled.